Our training, maintenance and hazard reduction activities keep skills fresh, teamwork cohesive and equipment always ready.

Because of work and family commitments we don’t expect every member to attend every event. We all give our time according to whatever we can.

Training and equipment maintenance sessions rehearse the drills necessary for safe, effective fire-fighting and build familiarity with our gear. We also provide assistance for community events such as the Six Foot Track Marathon and the Woodford to Glenbrook Classic.

The brigade conducts drills and skills sessions as part of  regular training sessions from 7pm to 10pm on the first Tuesday of each month and offers members the alternative time of 1pm to 4pm on the third Sunday of each month, providing options to suit members’ family and work commitments.

This regularly updated Activity Log provides an insight into the operational activities of your local brigade.

training and maintenance activities

Brigade Operations, Training and Maintenance

- Fire Duty – Cox’s River

- Fire Duty – Blackheath

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